Some great posts I have written!

This is for the student blogging challenge 2011, Challenge 1.

Some great posts I have written are –

How to write a great post – This post tells you how to write a great post (like the title says). It gives some good tips and if you are new to blogging, click on the link and check it out!

Why I like cats – If you don’t already know, I absolutely luuurrvvee cats, and this post gives you my reasons why and there is a poll at the bottom so you can have your say on which pet is the best! I would love it if you voted (not a lot of people have voted!).

How to add cursors – This is a good post because it tells you how to add a cool cursor to your blog (Obviously, like, DUH!!! Look at the title!) If you would like to have an awesome cursor on your blog, check out the link. There is a link to the website I got my kitty cat cursor from in the post.

I hope you look at these posts, and leave comments! I haven’t been getting much comments lately, so please do!

Well, bye for now, but not forever!

Peace. Love. Kitty Cats. Simone   😉

6 thoughts on “Some great posts I have written!

  1. Simone
    Very nice post on the kinds of posts that people can read who visit your blog. Have you linked it to the challenge page?
    Also I was wondering, what about writing a post about the picnik site that you were exploring yesterday. Tell others what it can be used for and why it is useful.
    Miss T

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  3. Hello! My name is Emma and I am a Grade 6 Student at CDNIS. I think that it is a great idea to include good posts that are in your blog. It is a way to capture your readers to read more posts from your site and it is a good way to have more people comment on your blog. Perhaps I should add a post on my blog that has what my readers think are great posts. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Well, you should add this as a great post, since yeah, you sharing all those posts above is great – especially the How to write a great Post. Helpful, very helpful. Thanks, thanks!

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