Why I Like Cats!

Mr CatCat

Hello there! This is a post on why I like cats, and there is a poll at the bottom to see if any of you disagree or not!

Well, anyway, I love cats because they’re soft, cuddly, fuzzy, furry, playful, cute and I could go on and on and on all day! But I won’t!  Now here are 10 cool things  about cats! Ok, here we go! 
1 – Dogs can make around 10 – 20 sounds and noises, but cats can make up to about, let’s see, 1000! 
2 – They’re easier to house train. Seriously, who wants poop lying around the house, eh? 
3 –  When a cat bites, it dosen’t hurt. In fact, I think it tickles and feels funny! If a dog , or something like that, bites, it can injure badly, or even kill! Errrrr, shudderrrrr!
4 –  They don’t have to be taken for walks every day. They are quite independent, and if they do feel a bit blobby, they get up from their spot where they had recently been lying and go practice hunting, or go for a bit of a run. If you get a cat, you don’t have to get up at 6:30 am and walk it!  Yeah.
5 – They have a great sense of balance. Well, lots of animals do, but cats can go across super skinny things from pipes to poles, fences to other skinny things that are possible to walk on! 
6 –  They never starve. If you left your cat outside for a night or two, without food, they wouldn’t starve! They’d pounce on a mouse or catch a bird.  Like I said, they are pretty independent and can cope for days by themselves.
7 – They fit on your lap, no matter how big or small. A small dog would be alright, but once it gets bigger, it would weigh you down and you’d fall off the couch! A large cat could easily fit on your lap and sleep soundly, while a big dog would find it highly uncomfy! So would you!  8 – They don’t crave your attention. Most dogs do. Lots of cats, but not all, don’t like being cuddled and hugged, picked up and patted all the time. They want to be left in peace! And, many dogs whimper and whine and beg because they want some of your food, while cats just stare and may stifle a meow, but they do know that  it’s highly likely that you’re not going to give them any, on many levels! 
9 – They don’t jump up when someone new comes. Instead, they usually run out the door or hide away under a friendly bed in the house. Some dogs will come up and bark and jump and lick and slobber and it is just a pain.
10 – My strongest reason… they are soo CUTE!  Who couldn’t resist those cute little eyes, furry little paws,  pokey-out whiskers, fuzzy ears,  adorable meow,  irresistable purr, fluffy little ball when it curls up, oh I can’t go on!

Those are my many reasons that I like cats, and there are a lot more!  Now it is time to take my poll, and see what you think…  8)




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Image: ‘Mr cat’

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