Why People Should Visit my Blog!!!

Why people should visit my blog!!!

First, they will learn about what I like, my interests and hobbies and the experiences that I have. They will find out where I’ve been, where I want to go and where I’m going. They will see my pictures and read posts about what I’m doing or what just happened. They will watch videos that I like ( well, I’d have to like them, otherwise what would they be doing on MY blog!!!) Like the video below, When Cats Attack. Watch it and see why I like it! Well, anyway, back to the post. People should visit my blog because it has a variety of posts, about all sorts of things! It is dotted with wacky facts and posts here and there, and you will occasionlly read a bit of nonsense and jokes. Come on, look at the title of my blog!!! You’ll read about my friends, experiences, family, adventures and loads more. You will read stories that I made up, I’m working on one now, but I’m not spilling the beans on what it’s called yet! And lastly, you will see a lot of widgets, like my scribbly thingy bobby, and my flag counter thing!!! Look, and you will see what I’m prattling on about!
Well, I don’t really know what else to say now. Well, yes, my blog’s cool, wacky, fun, awesome, the best, la de da de da. But you might not think so, so doggie doo to you!!! Haahaa!!!!!
We had to write this post for the blogging challenge, and the post that told us what to do said that we had to link that post with our post, so here is the link right here!!! THE LINKY THING! 😀
Well, bye bye!!!  🙂

11 thoughts on “Why People Should Visit my Blog!!!

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  2. Hi Simone…I went to your blog because I saw my name, so I went on! I like your additions to your blogs…the glitter thingy, and your mouse is a blinking cat! I would like to know where you get all those cool widgets that don’t send viruses into your computer! I think you should have more posts and challenges though.

  3. Welcome to blogging! Your blog is set up really well – I am most impressed – you have just the right balance between posts and widgets. Well done!

    This week’s challenge asks you to think about designing your first avatar – i wonder if you can try this on your own? Let me know if you need a hand. I am a teacher from Dunedin. You can find out a bit more about us at http://super7scoopers.edublogs.org

  4. Wow you seem like a really cool person. And you seem like you have a great personality and your funny (Just like me!). I’d love to hear about what you got to say(:

  5. Thanks, me! Hehe. Nice name! I made a post about how to add cursors especially for you! Well, and anyone else that would need it, but your comment gave me the idea so thanks!
    Peace. Love. Kitty Cats.
    Simone the Second (I’m being nice and letting you be the first!)

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