Trick Or Treat!

Today it’s the 31st of October, or as it’s most commonly known, Halloween! Usually on Halloween I stay at home and avoid all horror films, and basically do nothing, but this year me, Charlotte, Natasha, Lauren and Sahara are going trick or treating! If it stops raining, that is. At the moment it’s rather wet outside.

I’m not entirely sure what I’m dressing up as yet, despite the fact that it’s tonight, but I’m most likely going as a a cat, because I have cat ears and I can just wear black clothes, and pin a black sock to my bum (er..lower back) for my tail. Natasha is going as a nerd (geek glasses and suspenders and all), Charlotte is going as Red Riding Hood, and I’m not too sure about the others. Hopefully the weather dries up so we can actually go, as we have been planning this for a few weeks. If it’s still rainy, we may just all go to Charlotte’s house anyway and have a mini Halloween party! Haha… or we could all have a change of costume and just go as plastic bags. Or characters from Singin’ In The Rain (although, in the dance number in the rain, the guy randomly tap dances on the footpath in a suit, completely saturated, because he’s too happy about his girlfriend to care that he’s ruined his suit. So maybe not, as he didn’t use an umbrella, which would have been wise but it’s an old movie. They’re weird.)

Anyway, yeah. I can’t think of anything else to say obviously, as I started talking about a cheesier than cheese musical from the 50’s.
Hopefully the rain goes away, so we can go around the streets asking strangers for lollies!

Simone x

VERTICAL HORIZONS CAMP! (Fourth and last part) (Thank God)

This is taking so long oh my god.


Day five – Friday

We all woke up, super tired, but we all soon got dragged out of bed by parents because we had to pack our beds and clothes up and bring our bags out to the trailer. Then we had to get changed and go down for breakfast. After breakfast, we all went into the hall room thing that the concert was held, and sat and watched the America’s cup (although due to bad weather, it actually got postponed so there was nothing really to watch). Then the adults went to tally up the team’s points to see who won, and while they did that Mr Elms got a year 8 from each team to come up the front to answer a few questions. I got chosen, and from the other teams, it was Tash and Jessica.
The first question was ‘What shape is an empty parrot cage?’ I got the answer instantly, unlike the others, so I won with my answer of ‘Polygon’. The second was ‘If a cockerel lays an egg on the roof and the wind is blowing south, what way will the egg roll?’ I thought the others would get this one, because it was quite blatantly obvious, but apparently not, because I was the only one who correctly answered “it wouldn’t roll anywhere because cockerels are males, therefore they don’t lay eggs.”
After that, the adults came back in with the points all tallied up, so it was time to reveal the winner! In third place was red team, then after that it was really intense…………….
“In first place is team blue!”
YEEAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. There were only 8 blocks of chocolate (yes, we all got literal entire blocks of chocolate each), and 9 people in the team, so my mum said she’d just buy me one on the way home. Once the prizes had been given out, we all went to make our lunch for the day, and then go put them in our day bags then get ready to leave.

Once we were all sorted out, we said goodbye to the camp and, well, we left! On the way to the museum (can’t remember it’s name – we stopped there on the way back for lunch) the drive consisted of ukelele playing, bad singing, and stopping for hot chocolate. Then we arrived at the museum, and the guy there talked to us for a while, then we all got to walk around, and we did that for about an hour (there was so much stuff to look at it’s not even funny – most of the things were life-size sculptures of people, a majority of them rather creepy. One was even sitting on a toilet reading the newspaper).
We then ate lunch, then everyone got back into their cars for the drive back to school. We stopped at countdown to get my chocolate, then more horrible singing later, we drove down the driveway to school. Once everyone had arrived back, we unloaded the bags out of the trailer, and soon mum and I were home. I’d miss camp, but it was definitely great to be back home.


I’M DONE! Thank you for bearing with me through this post, which could easily be a novel.

Simone 🙂



Here is my third installment in my on-going camp story! Enjoy…

Day four – Thursday

The day started like all the other days, we got up, got ready, and then headed down to breakfast. Then after breakfast we played some games in the hall with the instructor Andrew, then we had to get ready for our day’s activities. My team’s first activity was the zipline, which is basically just a really big (and fun!) flying fox going down a hill. We each had two goes each, then it was time for the activity I was both excited for and dreading at the same time – Initiatives. Instead of being a full-on, high-wire activity, it was more of a thinking and strategy activity. Our first job was to all stand on a log in a line, in a random order, then we had to move into alphabetical order of our first names without falling off the log. I was silly and stood second to the front, because since my name starts with S, I actually was supposed to go right to the back…
So, first, I tried lifting Brooke up and just putting her on the other side of me, but I almost dropped her and I fell off anyway. We tried a few more strategies before I just knelt down and she stepped over me. Then while her and Natasha tried getting past each other, Mary and I had to swap over. We ended up just doing the same as Brooke and I, her ducking down while I stepped over her. Then I had to get past Josephine, using the same strategy, which was a very awkward strategy, but it worked quite well. Eventually, everyone had climbed over everyone and soon we were in the right order! (I had to move down the entire line which was very hard because I was constantly falling off – most of the time the teachers let me off though. Hehehehe.)

It was then time for lunch, I can’t remember what it was, then the rest of the year 7 and 8’s that hadn’t gone abseiling yet, went to the cliff to have their turn. My mum wanted to see them go down, because she hadn’t watched any of the other times, so decided to walk down too, and I went with her because I had nothing else to do. We watched a few people have their turns, then Mr Elms and Mr Albert decided that I could go again! After that, everyone was asking as well, but they only let me because everyone else had already had their turn that day. I walked through the bush right round up to the top of the cliff, where I got all harnessed up and ready to go down. It wasn’t half as scary this time as I had already done it the day before, so I went down a bit easier. When I was halfway down, I started to hear shouts and “GO SIMONE!”, so I looked down to see that everybody was down there watching me! Everybody, meaning literally everybody at the camp! I got told to stop for a second and turn around for a photo, but they obviously didn’t know how hard that was while you were suspended ten metres in the air! I eventually got the bottom, everyone cheered, I got a lolly, then everyone turned to watch Daniel come down, who was having another turn as well. So I wasn’t quite so special. Haha.
When he had gotten to the bottom, everyone walked back to camp, where we were going to start our third activity. My group’s was the rifles, which I was quite excited about! I left just before my turn so I could run and grab my glasses, because I realised I couldn’t actually see the target properly! When I got back it was my turn, and 4 out of 5 hit the target! I got one on the 3, two on the 6, and one on the line between 8 and 9! On my second turn, I had to shoot some cans, and I hit two of them down out of three! The one I didn’t hit was because I didn’t aim properly because I was holding the rifle slightly wrong.

After the rifles we went to have a piece of cake for afternoon tea, then it was time for my favourite activity – THE FLYING KIWI! I was the third person to go, and I knew what would happen, but I had completely forgotten how it felt because the last time I did it was two years ago! I got strapped up in my harness, then I made my way over to the pole.
“Ready Simone?” the instructor yelled. I yelled back and gave him a thumbs up.
“Ready pulling team?” he yelled to the rest of my group. After they all nodded, he yelled at me to run and to my team to start pulling on the rope I was attached to. I took three steps, then suddenly I was pulled off my feet and went whooshing into the air. When you were on the ground, the person on the actual thing didn’t look like they were flying around that fast. But when you’re actually on it, you’re going at what seems like 23574 miles per hour, and despite the uncomfortable wedgie the harness gives you, it really does feel like you’re flying. Once I got brought down, I got to have another turn (Yay!!!!!!), then everyone else went, then it was time to go back.

Until dinnertime, me, Therese, Brooke, Mary and a few other people, chose some songs, and then practiced singing them and playing the guitar, as that night we were going to have a camp concert and we were all encouraged to have an act. We chose Black Box by Stan Walker, and Forget You by Cee Lo Green, because everyone knew them. Once we had gone through them 5849858 times, we were pretty sure we knew them, so we just went and hung out a bit, then it was dinner! My team was on dinner, so we said grace and went in first. I can’t quite remember what we ate, but I do remember the dessert, because we had to do the dishes and it was disgusting. It was this really yum chocolate cake thing, with extra chocolate sauce, and Caitlin and I had to clean all the spoons, and half of them had mushy chocolate all over them, so once we had finished washing them all the water was all chocolatey and brown and mushy and it was absolutely disgusting.

After my team had finished the dishes, me and the people I was practicing the songs with before decided to go and went over our act a few times, then it was time for the camp concert! Our opening act was Raymond and Braydan’s dance off which was hilarious. Then the parents did an act about all the funny little things that people had said and done during the camp, costumes and (loaded) waterguns and all, and it was super funny! Then there was a game show skit that some of the boys had made up, then some other girls had made one up too so they did theirs, then it was time for my act! We sung both the songs, I’m not sure if we did any good or not but it sure was fun! Then the teachers  had made up a camp song to the tune of wheels on the bus. Then Daniel convinced me to do a guitar duet thingy with him, then the Kapahaka group performed, in which I have to play the guitar. So, I did. THEN, there was the final act – Raymond and Braydan again, this time with their twerk-off. Yup.
After a really good (and amusing) concert, Mr Elms talked to us a bit then we all went to get Milo and a cookie before it was time for bed. As it was the last night of camp, half of my cabin came onto my bunk and the other half went onto Petra’s, and we talked for ages! Finally, at midnight, we decided it was time for us to go to sleep, so we said our goodnights, and quickly fell asleep for the last time ever in our bunks.


That was long. Friday in next post – it will be way shorter since it’s just the ride back. 🙂



Below this is my post on the first two days of camp, so before you read this one you should read that one! 😛


Day Three – Wednesday

Wednesday morning we all of course woke up, and got ready and went down to breakfast. After breakfast we went and played more games with the instructor Andrew, then we lined up in our teams ready for our day’s activities. My team’s first activity was the Three Wires, which is just three wires about eight metres off the ground, which you walk across (you walk across the lower one while holding onto the higher ones). When asked who wanted to go first, I shot my hand up and yelled “ME!!”, because this was one of the activities that I didn’t do last time, and it looked really fun! So I of course got to go first, so I put my harness and helmet on, and climbed up the ladder quite quickly. Then the ladder stopped and you had to climb up these metal things sticking out of the pole for a few metres, which looked a bit like staples, and I got up those quite quickly too. Then you had to awkwardly turn around to get onto the actual wire, so I managed to do that, then practically ran across it. Then I had to walk backwards to the middle so I could lean back and the instructor could bring me down. Once everyone had had their turn, there were a few minutes left, and I wanted another turn along with about two other people, so we decided to see who did it quicker. I wasn’t sure who managed to get across the fastest, but I know that I got up the ladder in about 20 seconds, and across the wire in about 20 seconds, so 40 seconds altogether!

After the 3 wires, it was time for our second activity which was the climbing wall. Basically the climbing wall is a wooden board with rock-climbing-esque rocks on it which you have to climb up, then you and your partner take turns sitting on top of it and holding this wooden ladder thing for the other person so they could climb up it, through a tyre and touch a red buoy at the top. Mary and I were partners, and we did it fairly quickly, after the ladder whacked into my face because I wasn’t holding it out enough while she was climbing. After that it was time for lunch, and after lunch, Mr Sutherland wanted six year eights wanting to go abseiling. I mentioned two posts ago that we weren’t going abseiling, but that was only because the camp didn’t have an instructor at the time, but thankfully Mr Sutherland was a trained abseiler person, so we got to go!

When we got to the abseiling cliff thingy, Braydan and I were chosen to be the first two people to go. I went first, and it was a bit freaky before I even started, because you went down the cliff and ended up on the mini beach thing by the glow worm cave that I mentioned in the post before, but from where you stood at the top, all you could see was the river so at first it appeared you were abseiling right down into the river! I got all harnessed up and got attached to fifty million and one ropes, then I was ready to descend. I started on the flat ground that led to the edge of the cliff, and practiced leaning back properly, before I went over the side. I felt like crying at first because I was so high up, and although I was attached to Mr Sutherland and two different trees, if I let go of the rope there was a chance that I could go zipping down pretty fast, and maybe even hit the ground if he wasn’t able to stop me. So that was a bit intimidating. After a while I got the hang of it, and while I was getting bad rope burn, I was walking down the side of the cliff quite nicely. I could hear Mr Albert at the bottom saying to the others, “Watch as Simone’s backside comes towards you!” A bit disturbing, but that meant that I was doing it correctly. When I got past the walking down the side part, I had to free fall down the rest of the way (not literal free falling sky-diving-style, or I’d crash onto the ground in a matter of seconds.. It was more like ‘move the rope up and down so you awkwardly slide down slowly’). Once I had reached the bottom, I quickly got congratulated, then I watched the others go down. When everybody had had their turn, we headed back to camp where we were just about to start our next activity. Our next activity was raft building, in which we had to obviously build a raft, for the raft race that was going to take place on Thursday. We managed to conjure up a seemingly decent enough raft out of two barrels, two large bamboo sticks and a swimming donut thing (is that what they’re called? I have no idea to be honest).
Our next activity after the raft building was the archery, which I actually thought I had a chance of being decent at, but noooope. I sucked. Only 4 of the 10 arrows I shot actually hit the target, and 3 of them were around the sides, getting me no points. But one got on the red which got me 3 points. Yaayy!

After that, our day’s activities had finished, so until dinner, it was time to muck around and have fun. A few year 7 and 8’s went to have their turn of abseiling, while I stayed back with everyone else, and, you guessed it, played indoor hockey! Then it was time for dinner, that night it was nachos! After nachos we had the choice of having some ice cream but I think I had too much nachos than necessary, so I chose not to. Then we all had to go to our cabins…to get our togs and towel and anything else we needed for the pool! Like last time, we were going to the pool in New Plymouth, and from what I could recall, it was amazing. We went in the cars that we traveled up in, and when we got there, everyone rushed to get their pool passes and to get changed. Last time, the water slides weren’t open, but this time they were! I decided to go on the smaller one first, and oh my god. It was very fast and very turny. I was a bit worried as to how fast the big one was going to be.

It was very fast. And at one point you were literally going vertically down.
Best water slide ever.
Then sadly, the water slides closed after I had been on them 4707143 times, but then they opened up the rope swing, on which you swung on a rope into a 2.4 metre deep pool, and it was so fun! After we mucked around there for a bit, they closed the rope swing, then we it was time to go! When we got back to camp, we all just hung around being silly and talking (by all of us I mean literally all of the year 7 and 8’s and some of the year 6’s), and I ran around outside in my slippers and pyjamas and fell over and got mud all over my PJ’s which sucked, then it was time for bed! My cabin stayed awake for aaaages, talking and laughing about random things that girls talk about, then eventually at quarter to 12, we all decided to go to sleep, ready for our last day full off activities…


That was way longer than it was supposed to be, so I’m afraid I’ll have to end it here and do yet another post about Thursday… and I don’t know why I’m going into so much detail about this because the only people that will probably read this are people that were actually there, but I can’t not over-detail things, so cope with it.
Simone 😛


In case you haven’t seen the post before this, I advise you do, because it gives you an idea of what I am going to talk about.

If you still haven’t bothered to scroll down and read it, I might as well just tell you. In the second to last week of last term, Monday to Friday, most of the year 6, 7 and 8’s went up to Inglewood, Taranaki, to Vertical Horizons camp, and it was sooooooooo fun! Now I’m not going to tell the whole entire camp in 348256034858 posts like I did with my stupid Ski Trip story, so I’m just going to tell you a little bit about each day. Since the camp was three weeks ago, I might miss a few things out because I can’t remember it as well, but I’ll recount it as good as I can. 😀


Day One – Monday

The best part about the first day wasn’t the interesting conversations that went on in the car (although they’re pretty close), but it was in fact getting to the actual camp. Which is actually quite obvious. I went up with Tash, Sara, my mum (who was going as one of the teachers as she is in fact a teacher), and Sara’s dad. We took a morning tea break in Wanganui and a lunch break in Hawera, (and my car had another break in between because Sara, Daniel and their dad wanted to visit their aunty, so Tash and I awkwardly tagged along and bounced on the trampoline for about half an hour).

When we got to the camp, it was basically find your cabin, set up your bed and hang around until the camp  manager gathered us. When Paul (the aforementioned camp manager) gathered us, he talked to us a bit about the rules, then we went on a camp tour past the lake, all the ropes courses and activities and across the road into the bush. Ooh. It’s just this foresty walk thing out to this little beach place thing by a river, where there is a glow worm cave and lots of rocks and trees and cliffs, and it’s an awesome little place!

After the camp tour, we played some random tag games with one of the instructors, Andrew, then we all had to get with our colour groups (I was in the blue team!) and organise a few things, such as our chant, the allocating of the team camera, and just getting to know who you were spending most of your time with for the next week. After that, everyone just hung out, played some indoor hockey (which is really fun, and I got whacked in the shoulder with the plastic hockey stick and got a bruise! Yay!), until it was dinner time. Dinner that night was the sausages, and like veges and stuff. The cook, Emma, was an amazing cook, so every meal we had was delicious! Each mealtime we have to sit in either our teams, our cabins, or with our friends, and that night it was our cabin groups. We then had an amazing dessert of apple crumble and custard, which I could hardly eat due to the large amount of sausages I got given when I went up for seconds. Then it was more indoor hockey (which was difficult to play at first because I had eaten so much).

Later that night, we had to rug up warm, and we walked in groups of four through the bush in the dark, down to the little beach place thing that I mentioned earlier, then into the glow worm cave! At first it was pretty pathetic because about two worms were glowing at first, but then everyone quietened down and soon there were at least 40 worms glowing away in the cave. It was pretty cool! Then everyone went and sat down at the edge of the river in silence for about five minutes (it was really pretty – it was dark and a clear night, and the moonlight was shining on the water). Once we had all gotten up and shaken the sand off of our butts, we went for a bit of a walk across the rocky part, and I fell over and my hand got squished between two rocks and it really hurt so I started to cry. 😛

When we got back, we had supper (Milo and a cookie), went into the hall thingy and a reflection time and just saying things we enjoyed about our day, then we all went into our cabins and got ready for bed. After a lot of whinging from some people in my cabin that I shall not name because it would be mean to point them out, because everyone else was talking, we were all fast asleep, really for the next day full of activities…



Day Two – Tuesday


My day started at 3:30am, because one person in my cabin woke up, and soon everyone was talking very loudly until about 4:00, which is when everyone managed to shut up and get back to sleep. We then all woke up again at 7am, which is when we were actually supposed to get up, and everyone had their showers and got changed and did their hair and made sure they had their coloured band (for our teams – we had to have it visible at all times otherwise we would lose points for our team, and losing points isn’t good, as you would imagine.)

At 7:30, the siren went, indicating that is was time for us all to gather in our teams outside the dining room for breakfast. The first team there got extra points, so everyone was rushing to get there first and yell out when the whole team was there. When we were all sitting in our lines, the Orange team, (who were on breakfast) said grace, then we all filed in to eat. We had a choice of rice bubbles, cornflakes, weetbix, porridge or toast! After breakfast, we played a few more games with the instructor Andrew, then it was time to get ready for the day’s activities! My group was on Kayaks first, so we had to get changed into our wetsuits and stuff. There was enough kayaks for everyone but three people, so me, Caitlin and Mary played on the log that went across the lake, and the three wires (which were basically three wires across the water that we had to walk across). Then it was our turn to kayak, and since I had kayaked before, I was paddling around quite quickly, but the others took longer to get the hang of it. 😛 Mr Elms said that I would get 200 points for my group if someone managed to get me fully soaked, which I complained against because the water was freezing! But after I scrabbled around on the ground trying to get away from him, Mr Elms literally grabbed me by the back of my life jacket and chucked me head first into the water, and I SCREAMED. It wasn’t that bad once I was in, but it still was quite horrible. But I got 200 points which was good.

We then got changed out of our wetsuits, then got ready for our next activity, orienteering! It was ok, but four of the clippy things weren’t even there, and the map was difficult to read. We got one and a half courses done though so we at least did something. Once orienteering was over, it was time to get ready for lunch! My team was on lunch, so we had to say grace, but because of that we were first in and got to choose where we sat! We had to sit in teams. Lunch was delicious, it was this really yummy pasta thing, and I had two enormous platefuls, which made me feel blobby afterwards. But it settled down while I was helping with dishes and set up for dinner. There was about an hour until the next two activities, so I spent that playing indoor hockey! Our third activity was the catwalk, which is a horizontal log about six metres off the ground, and we have to walk across it without holding onto anything (we are held up by ropes and a harness though, so if we by any chance slipped, we would just dangle there awkwardly) Andrew gave us some challenges to do while we were on it, and one of mine was do some push ups (I can hardly do push ups on flat ground so it was a bit difficult) and another was to hang upside down on the log with my hands and knees, then let go with my legs (pretty easy, until I then had to let go with my hands, which I was too scared to do even though I knew I wouldn’t fall).

Our next activity after that was the grass karts, which are basically kart things made out of wood and plastic barrels for wheels. After heaving them to the top of the hill, we got into pairs and two pairs went at a time in each kart, rolling down the hill. I had remembered from last time that they were lame and no fun at all, but this time we actually went right to the top of the hill and it was so fun! The only bad thing about it were the screws holding the seats on, they poked into your bum as you went down. 😛

After that, all the day’s activities were finished, so we all went back for some afternoon tea (juice and delicious cake), then it was time for just hanging around, playing MORE hockey, and our teams had to get together to think of two songs and practice them for the campfire that night! After a delicious dinner of hamburgers, it was time, so everyone put warm clothes on, and grabbed their torches, then we all headed over to the campfire, which the adults and some of the boys had prepared earlier. We sat in our teams, and first of all we went around and all yelled our team chants….ours kinda sucked. Despite our practices earlier, it was still a bit pathetic. Oh well. We were going to work on it. Then each team took turns singing one of their songs, Orange team went first, then my team, then red, then orange team again, then us again, then red. By then we had sung about six songs, then it was time for marshmallows! I actually dislike marshmallows, don’t judge me, so I just sat off to the side playing the guitar. My mum and Mrs Burney and a few other people started singing along, so soon most of the camp fire were singing. We went though about three more songs while eating roasted marshmallows (minus me) then the year 6 and 7s had to go back to get ready for bed, but the year 8’s were allowed to stay back for another 20 minutes or so because we’re awesome. Only five of us stayed in the end, so we just sat there talking and playing random songs on the guitar. We then packed up, headed back to camp then got ready for bed. My cabin actually got to sleep fairly quickly, and we had no random 3am gossip sessions this time!


So they were the first two days, it appears that this post will actually take a long time, so I’ll do the next three days in the next post 🙂


Camp Next Week!

As some of you may know, and as some of you may not know because you have nothing to do with my school, all of the year 6, 7, and 8’s are going up to Vertical Horizons camp in Inglewood, Taranaki, next week! We’re going for the whole week, Monday to Friday, and I can NOT wait! Two years ago, I went when I was year 6, but although we’re doing most of the same activities, it’ll be a completely different experience this time because there’ll be a whole new group of people.

One of my favourite activities is the Flying Kiwi, on which you get attached to a rope which is attached to a big wire going across from two enormous poles, and it’s up to your team mates to pull you up 8 metres in the air so you can fly around for about half a minute. If they lose their grip however, you come crashing down and you would very likely injure yourself. LUCKILY, that didn’t happen last time.

Some of the other activities that we do (that I can actually remember), are:

The C Wall (climbing wall – actually very difficult.)
Jacob’s Ladder (A gigantic ladder which you have to climb – I got up in nine seconds last time)
Kayaking (Very fun until the instructor ‘accidentally’ knocks you and you capsize)
Grass Karts (Very lame but entertaining plastic car things on which you roll down a hill.)
Flying Fox (pretty much just an awesome giant flying fox)
The river walk (We just walk along the river finding bugs and certain plants)
Archery (um..well, archery!)
Orienteering (also known as the activity in which you run around finding things to clip paper while you also get lost)

And there’s heaps more, but my memory is failing me at this moment. Another thing that was there was the Abseiling, but only year 7&8’s got to do that, which sucked. I was excited to do it this time but according to the activity list we aren’t doing it, which is saddening.

I can’t wait until camp, and I’ll update you when I get back! 🙂

Ski Trip! Day Four…

Here is the last installment in my ski trip story! Well, I hope, because it might take two posts like the last one did! Whatever, just enjoy it, and if you have no idea what’s happening, just scroll down to read the first ones. 😛


I woke up to the sound of little kids running up and down the hallway, screaming and laughing. In the sleeping area there was a sign specifically saying “No loud noise in the hall area” but obviously the kids couldn’t interpret that, and their parents couldn’t either. I yawned and sat up, mumbled a good morning to Monique, then looked at her mum who was just coming in the room. She was already in her ski gear, and was just coming to get us up so we could get into ours.

Several minutes later, Monique and I were changed and doing our hair, then heading to the dining room to get some breakfast. We both got porridge, so we ate it, then went to tidy up the room. The first thing we had to do was roll up our sleeping bags, and put them in the cover! I am actually very horrible at doing that, so I had to get Monique AND her mum to help me stuff it into its stupid minuscule bag. Once we had finally accomplished that, we packed all our stuff neatly into the bag and tidied up the room, and we put all our bags in the entrance way! Monique and I then had out half an hour to go out and play in the amazing powdery snow, so we ran outside and clomped through the brilliant fluffiness. One of the other girls at the hut, who was around eight, was outside too, and soon we were all sliding down this big mound of snow, it had piled up the balcony and stairs like this one big hill, and it was really fun! Then we wandered off for a bit when the girl went inside, then Monique’s mum came out with all our bags whilst we were making snow angels on a large, whitened rock. We jumped off and grabbed all our bags, and we started on the much-easier trek down. While her mum just walked carefully down the paths with her bags on her back, Monique and I slid down the various hills on our butts, chucking our bags down in front of us (my sleeping bag rolled off somewhere and it took a while to find – it was just buried in a small clump of snow under a rock).

When we had all made it down and to the car, we put our bags in, then grabbed our skis and ski boots and went off on our way up to the ski fields. This time the process of getting in was much quicker, because we already had our passes and I had ski boots and skis. The only thing we had to wait for was Monique to get her snowboard, because unlike skiing, she had only gone snowboarding a few times, so her skill at snowboarding was about the same as me at skiing. So she decided to swap for the second day because skiing down the rock garden was too easy for her.

I got my skis on with much more ease than the previous day, and I got on the chairlift finally, and it was time to ski down! I let Monique go in front of me, because this was her first time snowboarding down this track, and I slowly skidded down behind her. We had just made it to the first big turn, neither of us had fallen over yet, when all of a sudden she fell over and landed on her tailbone rather harshly! I stopped to help her up, and so did her mum, and we got her up, with her complaining about the severe pain her tailbone was going through at that moment. She decided she would NOT be able to snowboard the rest of the way down, so I skied down while she and her mum walked to meet me at the bottom. At the bottom (I only fell over once which was a rather big achievement), we got Monique to sit down at a picnic table, and me and her mum would go for a few runs, then we’d join her for lunch and see what we did after that. So, that’s exactly what we did, and after falling over because I went way off the course and rammed into a rock,  my severe three-metre tumble in which both my skis fell off into the middle of the track, and my accidental backwards skiing incident, I finally made it down and went to sit with Monique while her mum did a few more runs. The first thing Monique did was snap at me because I was gone for a full hour (I blamed it on my several surprisingly-unharmful incidents), but then we were soon drinking juice and playing games on her mums phone. About an hour later, her mum was back, and she gave us some money to go and buy some pies while she went for one last run.

When she had come back and we had finished eating, we decided that since Monique wouldn’t do any more snowboarding, we’d go on the chairlifts up to the very top of the mountain, for a scenic tour of sorts. So we returned all our skiing attire, then we went up the first chairlift, which was the one we had all gone on heaps to the top of the Rock Garden. This time when we got to the top, we got off and instead of turning around to go the track, we kept going straight ahead, where the line-up was for the big four-person chairlift. We ended up on one with this random guy on a snowboard who I had to sit squished up next to, but the view was amazing, and the ride was about 5 – 10 minutes long, and it was just really cool. When we got to the top of that, we got straight off and went into the cafe at the very top of the mountain. We ordered hot chocolates and sat down at a table right next to the enormous window, which we could literally see above the clouds out of. It was stunning.

We stayed up there for about 20 minutes to half an hour, then we decided it was time to go back down and get ready to go home. The chairlift ride back down was better than the way up, because we were actually facing the way where we could see out over everything. And I wasn’t squished up next to a random man. When we got to the bottom, Monique’s mum wanted to go for a few last ski runs, so Monique and I played in the snow (and ended up making this AMAZING slide) while she did that.

Fast forward about an hour, and we were walking down the to the carpark, exhausted. It had been a great day, despite Monique injuring her tailbone. We gout out of our ski gear, hopped in the car, drove down the mountain road, and we were on our way on the 2-3 hour trip home! We stopped at McDonald’s on the way to get some dinner, and were warned by a man there that there was traffic further up the road. Sure enough, when we left, we drove for a few minutes, then got stuck in a big line of cars! But soon we were on our way again, and eventually we pulled up to my house, where I was greeted by millions of hugs from my parents. I thanked Monique and her mum for an amazing skiing (well, partly) holiday, said goodbye to them, and once they had left, life was pretty much back to normal!

(Although, the next day I went to Palmerston North and met Benny Tipene and Ruby Frost, so not quite)


It was an amazing holiday, and I’m surprised Monique and I didn’t get sick of each other! I didn’t expect it to take this long to write everything, I just assumed that it’s take one or two posts, not five. I hope you enjoyed reading, and if you haven’t read them all, I suggest you should because, well, it took almost a whole term to write because it’s almost term three holidays already!

Byeeeeee xx Simone

Ski Trip! Day Three Part Two…

So here’s the second part to my post about my third day on my ski trip (it’s taking an awfully long time to write). Scroll down to see the other parts!


At the top of the chairlift, I almost tumbled over while getting of the chair, I’d have to get used to getting off! I made my way to the beginning of the track and frowned. I was way past Happy Valley, but this… looked terrifying. But there was no going back now!

I watched Monique start to ski down, perfecting every turn and going at the exact right speed in the exact right places. Pssh. She had been skiing since she was like four though, this was only my third time ever! I slowly started to ski down, a bit nervous, so I started at a speed almost equivalent to that of a snail, pizza-ing down to the first corner. I sped up a little so I could actually make it around the turn without toppling over, and I thankfully did! Then came the rather tight s-turns. Oh dear. I slowed down again, watching Monique already complete that part of the track and head down towards the giant slope in the middle. I pizza-ed again, kinda scraping down the small hill . I turned my neck to discover there was in fact two snowboarders looking quite annoyed, inching down behind me, so I swerved to the side to let them pass, falling over in the process. I groaned, noticing that one of my skis had fallen off, so I pulled myself up again and started to shove it back on my foot, not succeeding. Monique’s mum, who was going down behind me to make sure I was okay on my first try, pulled up beside me swiftly and helped me get it on. I finally did, and resumed my slow skiing. At least I was at the end of the twisty part!

But then there was the giant slope. There was hardly anyone around me at that moment, and the slope was so large and the vast space at the bottom was empty, giving me plenty of room to awkwardly ski down, so I reckoned it would be easy enough. But, apparently not, I found out after I went down at full speed, thinking it was the most amazing thing ever, until I didn’t turn quick enough and face-planted. Lovely. I climbed back up, yet again with only one ski on, and brushed off my snow-encrusted face and body. We were on flatter ground, so I got my ski back on fairly quickly with again, the help of Monique’s mum. I had no idea where Monique was at this point, she was probably at the bottom waiting for us, and I was only halfway down the track! The rest seemed quite felt from here on though so I’d hopefully not fall over again. So I was soon on my way, continuing down again, until I went too fast and I got scared I would bang into people so I tumbled down the track and landed arm first (yes, I had a really sore arm afterwards) in the snow. By this frustrating point, I was beginning to get a bit upset at my horrible skiing, so I managed to not cry and just walk back down holding my skis, to Monique at the bottom.

An hour later, we had found out that Happy Valley was way too crowded for me to practice a little bit, my skis didn’t like me and in fact hated going on my feet, I was annoyed, and the pies in the cafe were delicious and made me feel better and actually upped my skiing quality a bit because I had more energy. With a more positive attitude I managed to go a few times down the Rock Garden only falling over once or twice, and my skis started to enjoy being on my feet a bit more. Yay!

When we had finished going up and down the track, me, like I stated, with more enthusiasm, we decided it was time to leave and go and get our stuff out of the car to bring it up to the hut. We lugged all our skiing stuff down to the car and put it in the bag then brought out all our bags and everything we’d need for our night up the hut. We would’ve had three nights up the hut but we of course couldn’t, so it was cut down to one night. So we lugged all our bags and stuff (I had a rather large bag and my sleeping bag) to the beginning of the long, long trek up the snowy hill to the hut. Monique and I started off first, sliding down a big slope on our butts with our bags on our laps. I accidentally let go of my sleeping bag, so it tumbled down the hill and Monique slid into it at the bottom. We grabbed our things again and walked a bit over to the giant hill we had to climb up. Last time there was an actual path, but it had snowed over so the only possible way up that I could see was to climb up a remarkably steep hill of snow, with no visible footholds. Monique went up before me, as there was less chance of her slipping into my face because she was more experienced in climbing snow. She got up a few metres with her big pack on her back, and I started behind her. She got to the top fairly quickly, while I was almost halfway. I was struggling a bit, so she reached out to grab my sleeping bag so I had an extra hand to grip onto rocks with, to help with my difficult ascend 😛 . But as I reached out my arm to hand her my bag, I literally slid, on my bum, right down to the bottom of the hill, where her mum was trekking past to the path that I could now see in the distance. Great.

“SIMONE. OH. MY. GOD. YOU POOP.” Monique yelled down to me. I must’ve annoyed her a lot to earn one of the worst insults she could think of. I just started to laugh, and put my bag on my back again and went to climb back up, when I heard a short buzz from below me. It sounded like my phone! I looked on the ground and my cellphone was in fact buried in snow, with just the end of it sticking out of the big clump on top of it. One of the pockets in my bag, also containing my iPod, my favourite hat and my four day’s supply of socks, was open! I quickly picked up my phone, one of my friends had texted me, and thank goodness they did or I might not have found it, and I might not have realised that one of the pockets had opened, and everything in there could have fallen out and died in the freezing snow. So sad.

Anyway, I managed to get up the hill, and the two following, and we were soon walking the last few metres to the hut at the top of these stubborn hills. I walked in with my snow covered bags, and we are greeted by a big rush of warm air and cheers from various kids waiting by the door. “More people! Yay!” they yelled, they introduced themselves, then lost interest in us newcomers and went back inside to be noisy.

Once we had brushed off all the snow and taken our shoes off, we brought all our bags in and went into our assigned room and got changed, put away all our things, set up our beds, and finally we were ready to relax and do whatever we wanted. The first thing Monique and I did was get out my iPod and play mine craft and be antisocial. That occupied us for a few hours, then we decided to do something productive, so we made a hut tour video for me to show my parents when I got home. We went out into the entrance and grabbed the storeroom keys, and we went up to the awesome little room that you get to from a small set of stairs, and it had a door literally shorter than me, and I’m like, 1.5 something metres tall. Inside there’s two parts. the first containing all the brooms and mops and cleaning and first aid equipment, and the other (the best part) containing shelves and shelves of food. As we cam out, the manager owner of the hut thing lady person (basically, the person who runs the place) came out and snapped at us, asking what were doing and if we were okay. We awkwardly replied with an “Uhh… we’re making a hut tour video? Thingy?”. And she cheerfully said “Oh okay cool!” and walked off. Sheesh. And we got that all on video! It sounds lame now but it was actually pretty funny.

So we just mucked around and laughed and had fun and had dinner and played Minecraft, until it was time to get in bed and go to sleep. We had to go to bed fairly early as we had to get up quite early to pack everything up, and get it to the car and get to the mountain in time for a day’s skiing. Monique and I chatted for a few minutes, then we switched off the lamp and went to sleep, hoping for a more successful day of skiing tomorrow…

To be continued…

I hope you guys are enjoying my ski story! If nobody is actually reading it, I don’t care because I’ll finish it anyway. Day four (the last day) will probably take one or two posts, so there’s only a couple of installments to go! I have had to leave out some details because I am writing a post, not ten books and an encyclopedia, but maybe I will write a book about this! Haha, next one coming soon……….










Ski Trip! Day Three…Part One!

If you’ve been reading my ski story, (and also if you haven’t been) here is the first part of day three! A lot happened that day and if I wrote the entire day in one post the post would be enormous so I’ve decided to split it into two. Enjoy!

Here are links to the other parts –

Ski Trip! Day One…

Ski Trip! Day Two…


“YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY!” Is all that was heard from our hotel room. Monique, her mum and I had all recently woken up to the pleasant news from the Mt Ruapehu weather channel that the mountain was open! Most of the chairlifts were up and running and the road was open, but only if you had chains, or a four wheel drive (luckily we had one). We then started packing, tidying up our stuff which was all over the room and shoving them in our bags. We ate some porridge, got dressed into our thermals and snow gear (we were parking the car up the mountain, then straight away going skiing, as we were going up to the hutt afterwards), and put everything in the car. Got everything out of the bathroom and kitchen, looked in the wardrobe and under pillows, and we had everything packed! Well, that’s what we thought until Monique found her mum’s library book under the bed when she was looking for her sock!

A cup of orange juice and one last little check of the room later, we were in the car and driving on our way to the mountain finally! We stopped halfway there to get some really good photos of Mt Ruapehu, then we continued on our way, and soon the ugly-coloured but very fancy Chateau was in sight (it’s a fancy hotel thing at the bottom of the road up to Whakapapa)! We got stopped by some people to check we had our car in four wheel drive, and they let us go, before stopping us again to see if we could give this guy a ride up as he didn’t have a four wheel drive or chains on his car. So we did, and he was actually very nice and quite helpful when it came to putting the car into four wheel drive and driving up carefully.

When we arrived at the top, we said goodbye to the man and he got out of the car and walked off, then we went to find somewhere to park the car during the day. We found a good park, and when we got out, before we did anything else, Monique and I absolutely had to sit in the lovely powdery snow surrounding the carpark, and break chunks off and throw them at each other! After a few minutes we grabbed all our skiing things, drunk some apple juice, then went on the slippery walk up to the top where the check-in place thing was (by slippery, I mean, slippery. I slipped over in the middle of the road on some ice, causing the ten people around to laugh. I’m glad me hurting myself is so amusing). Monique’s mum sent Monique and I to fill out forms and get our ski boots and all while she went to a different place to get hers, so we lined up and filled in everything, thinking it would be easy enough. But when we got the form, we didn’t know our weight, our skiing ability, what size ski boot we needed, all that! Did we need to put in our email? Or not? So Monique and I just dawdled and waited for her mum to get back, who did it all for us and ordered and paid for our passes.

After all that, we eventually got our ski boots and skis, and were now out on the snow, ready to get on the chairlift! Once I got my skis actually on my foot. First I had several attempts just trying to get my foot in, then I wasn’t pushing down hard enough, then I got one on but had trouble with the other then the first one I got on fell off and then we called a guy over and he thought there might be a muck-up in the binding so brought it in to get fixed, then we got it on my foot inside but out in the snow I couldn’t get it on again, then we went to a flatter patch of snow and I got one on and then the other one and I started to ski off but then the first one fell off again, then a lady said to make sure I didn’t have any snow on my boot, so we cleared my boot and I finally, finally, got them on! That took about three quarters of an hour, then when we got to the chairlift, it was about time, and the man scanned Monique’s pass, she got through. Her mum’s pass, she got through. My pass, I go –

“Excuse me but I can’t let you on the chairlift. You have a beginner’s pass which is only valid for Happy Valley, not the whole mountain.” The chairlift guy said, an apologetic look on his face.

Oh. My. Goodness. I HAD BEEN GIVEN THE WRONG PASS. WHAT EVEN WAS THAT? I groaned, and even with all our pleading and persuading, the man wouldn’t budge. So I had to remove my stupid skis and walk up the stupid hill in my stupid ski boots, and sit and wait while Monique and her mum did one run down the Rock Garden, before they came to sort me out. I just let them, as annoyed as I was I wasn’t letting my misfortune get in the way of their skiing. Her mum had given me twenty dollars to go and swap my stupid accidental beginner’s pass for the all mountain pass we wanted, so I put my skis down and lugged my heavy-booted feet up the stairs and into the main building, in which I queued up and waited. A few minutes later, it was my turn.

“Excuse me, I got given a beginner’s pass when I wanted an all mountain pass, so I was wondering if I could get another one? Of the right kind?” I politely asked the lady, trying not to sound annoyed.

“Sure. That’d be uhh…” She looked through the computer as I held the twenty dollar note out. “Twenty five dollars.”

WHAT? WHAT? W H A T? I felt like screaming in her face that I had had the most irritating day so far and that I didn’t care what it costed and that she should just give the stupid pass, but I of course didn’t for obvious reasons. I just sighed, said I would come back with five more dollars, and angrily stomped out and sat in the snow next to my skis. I made little snowballs in my hand, and when I had made about four, I just picked them up and chucked them at the nearest rock. HOW ABSURD WAS ALL OF THIS? I had already wasted half my day trying to get my skis on the actual chairlift. I grumpily sat there for about ten more minutes when finally Monique and her mum skied around the corner, and they stopped in front of me, looking at me expectantly. They obviously were expecting me to have a pass and they could help me get my skis on and we could all happily ski all day.

“I didn’t have enough money.” I said, managing to laugh a little.

“WHAT? This is terrible! You girls wait here while I go and get you a pass!” Monique’s mum said, and so she did, while Monique and I waited, drinking some more apple juice. Her mum emerged minutes later, we put the pass on my jacket, I finally got my skis on, then we lined up for the chairlift and thankfully we got on! At the top, I almost tumbled over while getting of the chair, I’d have to get used to getting off! I made my way to the beginning of the track and frowned. I was way past Happy Valley, but this… looked terrifying. But there was no going back now!

To be continued…



Backseat Serenade – All Time Low!

Hey guys! Today I am going to share with you one of my favourite songs like, ever! It’s called Backseat Serenade, and it’s by a band that I really like called All Time Low, I don’t know if you’ve heard of them but if you haven’t you should check them out! They’re actually in New Zealand next week (OMGOMGOMGOMG) but sadly only in Auckland, playing one concert that was sold out ages ago, so I of course am not going at all.

Anyway, enjoy this song and check ATL out because they are amazing. ;D

Simone x 😉